have you been charged with Public Corruption and Bribery in TEXAS?

The violation of public trust for personal gain is a serious crime on the Texas State level and in the Federal Court System.  You may need to contact a bribery defense lawyer if you are even under suspicion for such a crime. 

Public corruption prosecutors investigate and pursue public corruption and bribery crimes through local, state, and federal fraud statutes. 

if you are facing charges for these crimes, it is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.  Gregg Gallian of Gallian Firm in Dallas is a qualified, experienced, award-winning bribery defense lawyer  who knows these charges very well and can defend you in both state and federal court.  With a single phone call he will provide a free consultation and case review and give you honest advice about your case. 

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What is the Definition of Public Corruption and Bribery?

Public corruption is defined as any unlawful, unethical, or any otherwise illegal misuse of power or trust for financial, commercial, or personal gain. Bribery is considered the most common form of public corruption. Bribery is committed when an individual induces another person to commit an act using valuable offers, gifts, or other incentives.  The individual who offers these influential gifts has committed active bribery, while the person receiving them has committed passive bribery.

What are Some Examples of Public Corruption and Bribery?

There are many forms of public corruption, in addition to bribery.

Examples of Public Corruption Include:

  • Extortion
  • Blackmail
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Lobbying

One common form of public corruption is when medical practitioners prescribe medication solely for through kickback for financial gain. This example also falls within the category of healthcare fraud.

Federal Charges for Public Corruption and Bribery

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At the federal level, public corruption and bribery are punishable under several statutes in Title 18 of the United States Code. Federal prosecutors work closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in these cases and pursue the harshest possible penalties.  You will want to understand charges with the help of a federal crime lawyer as you move forward. 


The penalties for public corruption and bribery vary based on the circumstances of the crime, including the title of the individuals involved and the amount of the bribe. For example, a gift to a public servant could be charged as a Class A misdemeanor and carry a penalty of one year behind bars and fines of up to $4000.

If you are convicted for felony bribery, you can face 2-20 years in jail and hefty fines. 


In Texas, the governing law for bribery is laid out in Texas Penal Code 36.02 (c). Bribery is defined in Texas as offering, soliciting, paying, or receiving money in order to influence an action of a public official.  There are a number of instances where you can be charged with bribery, including being a public official and asking for money to take an action, or vote a certain way, or take money to give a contract to a particular firm or individual, as well as many more.   This doesn’t include campaign contributions.  If you are convicted for felony bribery, you can face 2-20 years in jail and hefty fines.   If you pay a bribe to a public official or receive a payment in your role as a public employee or official, Texas charges can be fierce.

Possible Defenses for Public Corruption and Bribery?

Prosecutors will need to prove that your actions were committed in exchange for a monetary offer or other gift. Your criminal defense lawyer will be responsible for a creating reasonable doubt in your case to beat these charges.

There are several defense strategies that may be utilized, including:

  • Denial of Illegal Activity
  • Coercion
  • Innocence
  • Lack of Intent

what are my next steps if I am charged with public corruption or bribery?

Do not take any actions that may lead to self-incrimination, including destroying evidence.

Preserving this evidence may work in your favor to prove that you are  innocent.   Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer review this evidence, regardless of its nature, to build a case to defend you against these allegations.

A Class B misdemeanor conviction could result in up to 6 months in jail and/or fines of up to $2000.

A Class A misdemeanor could result in up to 1 year behind bars and fines of up to $4000.

Why is BRIBERY Defense Lawyer Gregg Gallian the best choice for MY DEFENSE?

Public Corruption and bribery are serious criminal offenses that will require a strong and solid defense.   A bribery defense lawyer with experience and a relentless approach to defending their clients is going to be the most important ally you will have as you fight these charges.

Contacting an aggressive defense lawyer Gregg Gallian will ensure that you have the best legal representation in your corner.

Gregg Gallian is a force in the courtroom and a relentless criminal defense lawyer.  He has experience in the federal courtroom and has helped hundreds of clients fight and beat serious criminal allegations.

For a free consultation that can only serve to help you, contact Gallian Firm today!

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I worked with Gregg Gallian and had amazing results! I contacted a different lawyer at the beginning of my case and had no communication, effort and I even started to question whether I was forgotten about. I made the change and got with Mr. Gallian and he was quick and effective with making progress with my case! He was always professional, very communicative, knowledgeable in what he does and will get you good results! I highly recommend him and I know I'll be contacting his firm if I ever need to again.
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Gregg was an amazing lawyer. He and his team were incredibly professional from the start and Gregg was just as passionate about my issue as I was. He cared - which is something many lawyers don't do. He expedited resolution to my issue and sought to restore justice. I am eternally grateful for him and his colleagues. I had been fighting this issue for 6 months and within 2 weeks of hiring him, it was resolved. Highly recommend if you are in need of a lawyer.
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Mr. Gallian was upfront and professional in every interaction. He communicated his game plan effectively and set realistic expectations for us heading into court. We were very pleased with the outcome!

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