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5 Tips to Remember If a Detective Calls

It is never a good sign if you receive a phone call from a detective. Detectives use sneaky tactics in an attempt to deceive the public into admitting criminal involvement. During the call, most individuals are not even aware that they are sharing self-damaging information.  The following list reveals how to handle this potentially threatening situation. Here are 5 tips to remember if a detective calls.


1. Do Not Share Information


Always remember that when you are speaking to any member of law enforcement you do not know what information that they have already obtained. Do not return the call, or if you accidentally answered the phone, do not under any circumstances supply them with any information.


A Detective Calls for One of Two Reasons:


  1. You are suspected of committing a crime or were in some way involved in criminal activity.a call from a detective isn't proof of a crime
  2. That you may have information about the alleged crime, including potential suspects, their whereabouts, etc.

It is important to protect your legal rights, regardless of which situation applies. Either of these circumstances could be a threat to your future and freedom.


Answering the detective’s questions, even if they seem harmless, could be the last bit of information that law enforcement needed to pursue criminal charges. Doing so could result in your arrest and self-incrimination during court proceedings.


2. Remember That Detectives Can Lie


Remember that detectives are not legally obligated to be honest with you. Never believe law enforcement when they tell you that they know something. Detectives can and will lie about the information that they have in an attempt to obtain new information.


Oftentimes, a detective may try to convince you that they already know certain information, and/or that another individual involved in the alleged allegations already supplied them with information. They will try to convince you that they are giving you a chance to tell your side of the story.


Never fall for this tactic. This is a trick and a deceptive means of obtaining more information.  They would not be questioning you if they already had enough evidence to result in criminal charges and a conviction.


3. Hang Up the Call


The best case scenario the detective’s call went to voicemail. In this case, you are not obligated to and should not under any circumstance return the phone call.


If you did answer the phone, it is in your best interest to end the call as quickly as possible. You can try to politely decline any questioning. The detective may be persistent and try to convince you that you are obligated to speak with them. This is not true and in these cases you will need to hang up the phone.


4. Contact An Attorney


Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately after a call from a law enforcement detective. You could soon face detainment, questioning, criminal charges, and an arrest. You will need a criminal defense attorney who is informed of the circumstances and ready to represent you.


Criminal defense attorneys provide confidential legal representation. It is important to be honest with your attorney about your involvement in the alleged criminal activity. This is necessary to begin building your defense case in the event that charges are pursued.


5. Remain Calm


The most important thing to do after contacting an attorney is to remain calm and keep your mouth closed. Do not share details of any criminal allegations with family, friends, colleagues etc. Doing so, you could put these individuals in a position to unintentionally damage your case later in court.


Note that your attorney is the only individual that has your interest in mind and is truly on your side. Do not tell anyone aside from your attorney about the phone call or any alleged criminal activity involvement.


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