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Motion To Revoke Probation

Are you facing a motion to revoke your probation and want to a free consultation to see what the best next steps would be? A motion to revoke probation is a serious legal procedure that is a threat to your future and freedom.  It isn’t something to take lightly, and a simple phone call can help you secure your rights.


If you are facing probation violations, new charges, and/or probation revocation in Dallas or the surrounding areas, do not attempt to handle this alone.


It is imperative that you reach out as soon as possible to the best  lawyer in Dallas who can immediately help work towards a favorable resolution on your behalf.


Gallian Defense Firm is standing by and is ready to begin tackling any and all issues that you are facing related to your motion to revoke probation and any associated charges.  Gregg Gallian is a former prosecutor, current federal and state defense attorney who has had hundreds of cases dismissed, including numerous motions to revoke probation.   Don’t wait any longer!  Contact Gallian Defense Firm at (214) 432-8860 right away for a free consultation and case review. 

What If a Warrant Has Already Been Issued for My Arrest?

A warrant is a normal part process after a motion to revoke probation has been filed. Remain calm. Your lawyer can fight to have bond granted before the date of your probation hearing. If a warrant has already been issued for your arrest, contact criminal defense attorney Gregg Gallian immediately to begin working your case.  Your phone call will be answered 24/7.

How Can Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Gregg Gallian Help Me?

motion to revoke probation

Can A Probation Violation Be Dismissed?

Yes. Some probation violations have the potential to be dismissed in court with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Your lawyer can fight to arrange for an alternative solution for the violation.


For example, if a motion to revoke probation was filed as a result of a failed drug test, your lawyer may convince the state to allow you to avoid jail time with an agreement to participate in a counseling or drug rehabilitation program.

Can A Motion to Revoke Probation Be Withdrawn?

Yes, a motion to revoke probation may be withdrawn if your lawyer can prove that the allegations are unjustified. This can occur before the case ever makes it a former hearing.


If the prosecution does not budge, your lawyer will fight these allegations during a probation violation hearing. The state will need to prove that you did violate your probation. The motion to revoke your probation can not be completed if the allegations cannot be proven.

Let Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Gregg Gallian Defend You

Gregg Gallian understands Texas law and will work to determine the best defense strategy to fight for you and keep your freedom intact. The sooner that you contact Gallian Firm, the more information he can gather, and the stronger your defense case will be.


Gallian Defense Firm will work with the state to fight for an extension on the terms of your probation, arrange for an alternative solution, or fight at the hearing to prove your innocence. If you contact Gregg Gallian immediately, he may be able to convince the prosecutors not to file a motion to revoke probation in the first place!

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Gallian Defense Firm operates with the understanding that we all make mistakes, and some mistakes can lead to a motion to revoke your probation.  These mistakes should not cost you your freedom. Let Gregg Gallian build your case, keep you on probation, and help you get your life back on track.


Gregg Gallian is a highly-ranked criminal defense attorney who proudly serves the people of Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas. Gallian is a former state prosecutor, giving him the knowledge, experience, and aggressive tactics needed to fight and win for you in the courtroom.


Contact Gallian Firm today at 214.432.8860.

What if a Motion to Revoke Probation has been Filed Already? What are My Next Steps?

If you have been arrested for any charge or might have a motion to revoke your probation pending, you need to hire an exerienced criminal defense attorney.  The sooner you hire an attorney, the better.  Most of the time your probation officer will not tell you that you have a pending motion to revoke probation.  Normally, the probation officer will wait for you to appear for your monthly check-in and they will have you arrested on the spot.  If your probation officer told you ahead of the scheduled meeting that you had a pending motion to revoke probation, most people would not show up to that meeting in fear of the inevitable – being arrested. 


If you haven’t been arrested, your Dallas Criminal Lawyer can try to talk with the Court, the probation officer, or the prosecutor in hopes of getting the motion to revoke withdrawn or dismissed.   An experienced criminal defense attorney will know that the only way to defend these cases is to act quickly and swiftly.  It is not a matter of if but when you will be arrested for a motion to revoke.  


There are a number of possible outcomes if you are facing a motion to revoke.  It is possible that the motion to revoke can be dismissed (like many of my cases before).  It is also possible that the prosecutor can ask for additional courses, community service, etc and continue you on probation.  Your probation length can be extended.  Or, finally, it is possible that your probation can be “revoked” and you will be sentenced to time in county or state jail time. 


Your lawyer should be able to look at your motion to revoke probation objectively and figure out, before the prosecutors, what needs to be done.  Being proactive and fighting quickly is the key to these cases and many others.  If your hope is that you will be continued on probation without doing much, you are going to be in for a rude awakening.  

You need to hire a law firm who has the bandwidth and availability to work quickly, aggressively, and passionately. 


Call today!  214.433.6303.

Motion to Revoke Probation FAQ’s

When an individual is placed on probation they are required to follow specific rules and meet certain conditions.

These conditions typically include one or more of the following:

  • Regular Meetings with Probation Officer
  • Completion of a Drug/Alcohol Program
  • Participation in Counseling
  • Payment of Fines
  • Completion of Community Service Hours
  • Compliance with Mandatory Drug/Alcohol Testing

The district attorney or your probation officer will file a motion to revoke probation if they believe that you are not meeting any of these conditions of your probation.

The most common reason that a motion for revocation occurs is the failure to report to scheduled meetings with your probation officer.

There are several other violations that may cause your probation officer to file for a motion to revoke your probation.

The Most Common Probation Violations Include:

  • New Arrests
  • Unpaid Fines
  • Failure of Drug or Alcohol Test
  • Failure to Complete Required Programs
  • Possession of Weapons

Violation of Special Conditions

Special conditions are case-specific provisions that bar an individual from certain actions and/or interactions. For example, you may be prohibited from seeing your spouse and/or children until a specific date, or until a program is completed. Or you may be barred from the premises of an establishment or previous employer.

A probation violation does not always mean that you will be forced to serve jail time. This will depend on the severity of the violations and the unique circumstances surrounding your case. A Dallas criminal defense lawyer like Gallian Defense Firm understands how to fight on behalf of their clients and provide their clients with alternative solutions that help them avoid incarceration.

The important thing is to continue to comply with your probation officer, attend scheduled meetings, and contact a Dallas criminal defense lawyer immediately.

If your probation is revoked there will be a warrant issued for your arrest. This process is swift, with most warrants issued in less than 48 hours. You will then face the amount of jail or prison time for which you were probated.

The good news is that you are still entitled to a hearing before sentencing is determined. This is why it is critical for you to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney like Gallian Defense firm the moment that you discover that a motion has been filed.

You must still report to your probation officer even if a warrant has already been issued for your arrest. Failing to report to your probation officer could be considered an admission of guilt regarding any of the allegations surrounding your probation revocation.

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