Have You Been Charged with Federal Conspiracy?

Have you been charged with the crime of federal conspiracy? A conspiracy is defined as an agreement between two or more people who are planning to commit a crime. A conviction on federal conspiracy charges could occur, even if the planned criminal acts were not committed, and/or if your role in the crime was minimal. Your freedom is at stake. A conviction on federal conspiracy charges could result in years behind bars. Oftentimes, federal prosecutors pursue federal conspiracy charges in an attempt to force coconspirators into revealing insider information. A strong and solid defense is the only way that you can fight back against federal charges. Choose an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has the tools and the resources to take on a federal court system. Reach out to Gallian Firm immediately if you are facing allegations of federal conspiracy, or any other serious criminal charge. Gregg Gallian is an experienced defense lawyer who has fought and won for clients in Dallas, and throughout Texas.

What is Federal Conspiracy Law?

Federal conspiracy law defines conspiring as an agreement between two or more people to commit felony criminal acts.

Federal Conspiracy Law also states that conspiracy only applies if one of the alleged commits an overact act. Overt acts are any actions that contribute to the fulfillment of the plans to commit the conspired crime.

What are the Elements of Federal Conspiracy?

There are several elements that must exist for a federal conspiracy conviction to occur.

1). Two (or more) people plan and agree to plans to commit a federal crime.

2). The perpetrator must have knowingly entered into this agreement and intend to participate.

3). One of the parties involved must commit an overt act. Overt acts are not required to be criminal in nature.

What are Examples of Federal Conspiracy Crimes?

Federal conspiracy charges may apply to numerous criminal acts across a wide range of categories of law. Conspiracy to commit these crimes simply means that the defendant agreed to plans to commit these acts. Federal conspiracy charges do not require the crime to take place. Many people are familiar with drug conspiracies, but there are other types as well:

Conspiracy to Commit Financial Fraud

Financial fraud schemes are one type of common federal conspiracy crime. These cases generally involve an attempt to defraud a government program, federal bank, or other financial institution.

These cases fall within a category of law known as white collar crime and may include several financially motivated criminal plots, including:

Conspiracy to Commit Violent Crimes

Conspiring to commit any violent felony crime is a serious offense. Many violent felony-level offenses may fall within this category, including:

Conspiracy to Commit Sex-Based Offenses

Sex-based crimes, including simple conspiracies to commit these acts, are punished especially harshly in Texas and in the Federal Judicial Court System. You could face conspiracy to commit a sex crime in numerous cases, including:

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How are Conspiracy Crimes Assessed?

Conspiracy crimes are assessed based on several factors, including the crime conspired and your role in the scheme. Penalties for conspiring to commit a crime typically reflect the same penalties as the crime itself.

The prosecution will often file multiple charges in a federal conspiracy case. Each type of charge will be assessed separately and combined during sentencing.

How is Texas Criminal Conspiracy Law Different than Federal Law?

Texas defines conspiracy law as two or more people planning to commit a felony offense. The state definition of a conspiracy relates to the same provisions outlined in federal law. However, the state differs in how the case is handled during the judicial process. Texas is especially harsh in pursuing conspiracy law. The state has deemed certain defense strategies to be prohibited in these cases. The defendant is still considered responsible for a crime, regardless of whether other circumstances exist, including:
  • One or more parties are not found criminally responsible.
  • The crime was committed.
  • One or more parties are acquitted.
  • The crime would require more than only 1 party (defendant).
These situations would be applicable means of defense under the federal court system. Unfortunately, Texas law makes defending these cases exceedingly difficult by deeming these situations exempt from defense application. Misdemeanor conspiracy charges may be handled by the Texas State Judicial Court System. These convictions generally carry a sentence relative to the crime committed.

How Serious are Federal Conspiracy Charges?

Federal conspiracy charges an attempt to defraud the United States Government. All federal crimes are handled by the United States Federal Judicial System. Federal court systems have access to the latest resources, including the most-skilled detectives and the toughest prosecutors.

Federal conspiracy charges could result in felony convictions, resulting in excessive fines, and years behind bars. These penalties have the potential to destroy your life, family, and future.

Conspiracy crimes are assessed based on several factors, including the crime conspired and your role in the scheme. Penalties for conspiring to commit a crime typically reflect the same penalties as the crime itself.

The prosecution will often file multiple charges in a federal conspiracy case. Each type of charge will be assessed separately and combined during sentencing.

What Strategies Could a Federal Defense Lawyer use for Conspiracy Charges?

There are several strategies that a federal defense lawyer could use to fight for your rights. Which defense strategy is most appropriate will depend on the evidence, circumstances, and other factors in your case.

Lack of Knowledge of the Conspiracy

A federal conspiracy conviction cannot occur if the defendant was aware that a conspiracy existed. Lack of knowledge is the claim that you are innocent and completely unaware that the conspiracy existed.

Lack of Involvement

This strategy is best utilized when irrefutable evidence of your association with an organization exists. Lack of involvement is the claim that you were aware that a conspiracy existed but was not involved in the agreement.

What are Your Next Steps if Charged with Federal Conspiracy Crimes?

Federal conspiracy crimes are complex and can be terrifying Protect your legal rights and your freedom by reaching out to a federal conspiracy lawyer today.

Gallian Firm understands that the stakes are high and will fight to have the charges dropped or lessened in your case. It is never too late to get the best legal representation available, even if you have already chosen another lawyer.  Contact Gallian Firm today at 214-432-8860.

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