Have You Been Charged with Human Trafficking?

Allegations of human trafficking in Texas or anywhere in the United States are serious. If you are convicted of human trafficking charges, you could find yourself behind bars for decades.

For human trafficking charges, if you do not choose the right defense lawyer, you could be writing your own jail sentence.  Do not leave your future up to the fate of a mainstream or inexperienced defense attorney. The prosecution and criminal justice system will push for the harshest penalties in these cases. You will need a strong legal defense and an aggressive, relentless human trafficking lawyer to beat these charges.  Gregg Gallian of Gallian Firm is an award-winning attorney who will go to the mat for you and stop at nothing to make sure you get the best defense possible.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is defined as the exploitation of other individuals in an effort to obtain financial compensation or to gain other profitable assets. Human trafficking can involve men, women, or children. The exploitation of these individuals may include forced physical or sexual labor.

All forms of labor and sex crimes are illegal when a minor child is involved. Coercion, force, fraud or other crimes are not required in these cases.

What are the Three Main Elements of Human Trafficking?

Cases involving human trafficking generally focus on 3 essential elements, including the acts, means, and the intention of the perpetrator.

1. Act Element of Human Trafficking

The act element of human trafficking refers to the process used to obtain the individual that was utilized in human trafficking.

2. Means Element of Human Trafficking

The means element refers to the means used to force the individual into the sex or labor trade. Means for human trafficking may include force, coercion, blackmail, or threats. These elements also apply to causes in which addictive drugs are used to coerce an individual into a trafficking scheme.

3. Intention/Purpose Element of Human Trafficking

The intent of the perpetrator is a significant element in all criminal proceedings, including human trafficking. The prosecution will need to demonstrate proof that the defendant intended to use a non-consenting individual for financial profit.

Is Human Trafficking a Federal Crime?

Human Trafficking charges

Human trafficking is a crime under federal law and is crime in every state in the US; it is considered slavery and is prosecuted severely by both the State of Texas and the federal government depending upon the circumstances of the particular case. 

What is the Difference between Human Trafficking and the Promotion of Prostitution, aka “Pimping”?

Both human trafficking and pimping, also known promotion of prostitution, are sex crimes that involve exploitation. There is a line gray line that differentiates human trafficking from the promotion of prostitution. Prostitution involves an individual who is willing to participate in sexual acts for compensation.

Human trafficking involves an individual who is underage, forced, or coerced into performing sexual acts or physical labor.

Human trafficking is a crime under federal law and is crime in every state in the US; it is considered slavery and is prosecuted severely by both the State of Texas and the federal government depending upon the circumstances of the particular case. 

How are Human Trafficking Crimes Assessed?

Human trafficking cases may be assessed based on several factors, including:

  • Your Role in the Human Trafficking Scheme
  • Number of People Affected
  • Age of Alleged Victims
  • Nature of Utilized Means
  • Type of Acts Committed
  • Amount of Money Involved

Your case may also be assessed based on your criminal history and any other charges that are prevalent in your case.

What Strategies Could a Defense Lawyer use for Human Trafficking Charges?

There are several strategies that a top human trafficking defense lawyer like Gregg Gallian may utilize to fight back against these charges.

Defense Strategies for Human Trafficking Include:

  • Innocence
  • Insufficient Evidence
  • Lack of Intent to Profit
  • Consent

Consent of the Alleged Victim

Consent is the most common and effective defense strategy against allegations of human trafficking. This is an effective defense only when the alleged victim is a legal-aged adult. Charges could be lessened dramatically if the victim had consented to participate in the illegal acts that were committed.

These strategies, used in part with a solid defense council, have the potential to beat and/or significantly lessen the severity of these charges.

Do You Need to Contact a Human Trafficking Defense Attorney?

A human trafficking defense attorney is your only shot at fighting allegations of human tracking. Building a defense case against these serious charges will require extensive research, knowledge, and experience in a federal courtroom.

Cases that involve human trafficking are investigated by high-level state and government organizations. These agencies may include the Law Enforcement Division’s Human Trafficking Unit and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

You will need to have an experienced and reputable human trafficking lawyer in your corner to fight back against these government entities. 

What are Your Next Steps if Charged with Human Trafficking?

Contact Gallian Firm immediately if you have been charged by either the state or the federal government for a free case review.  You could be potentially risking your life and future if you do not contact an experienced human trafficking defense lawyer like Gregg Gallian immediately. If you have been charged with these serious crimes, Gallian will help you walk through the next steps and if he is hired, he will immediately take action on your behalf. Until then, it is critical that you remain calm and do not discuss your case with anyone, including law enforcement, until further notice. Gallian Firm, LLC will instruct you on how to proceed.

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I worked with Gregg Gallian and had amazing results! I contacted a different lawyer at the beginning of my case and had no communication, effort and I even started to question whether I was forgotten about. I made the change and got with Mr. Gallian and he was quick and effective with making progress with my case! He was always professional, very communicative, knowledgeable in what he does and will get you good results! I highly recommend him and I know I'll be contacting his firm if I ever need to again.
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Gregg was an amazing lawyer. He and his team were incredibly professional from the start and Gregg was just as passionate about my issue as I was. He cared - which is something many lawyers don't do. He expedited resolution to my issue and sought to restore justice. I am eternally grateful for him and his colleagues. I had been fighting this issue for 6 months and within 2 weeks of hiring him, it was resolved. Highly recommend if you are in need of a lawyer.
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Thank you! Truly, the Gallian Firm, is the representation you want and need when hopeless situations arise! We worked directly with Gregg and he was a wonderful listener, discussed options, and stood by throughout the process…And well beyond! He was always available to help ease worries and answer questions. He has great patience and doesn’t give up! We are so grateful to have found Gregg and would recommend him to anyone! Thank you again!
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Greg Gallian came highly recommended by a nationally renowned attorney. In our stressful situation, he put our mind at ease and handled our situation with the utmost attention and diligence. Thank you, Greg for your expertise and professionalism. We are forever grateful for having you on our team!
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Thorough, respectful and communicative! We went with Mr. Gallian after having a lack luster lawyer. We immediately saw the difference in approach, he truly goes above and beyond, as well as the employees in the office. He got us the best possible outcome, something that wasn't even given as an option with our previous lawyer! I'd recommend his services to anyone. I can't thank him enough for his work.
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Mr. Gallian was upfront and professional in every interaction. He communicated his game plan effectively and set realistic expectations for us heading into court. We were very pleased with the outcome!

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