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Need a Federal Drug Conspiracy Defense Lawyer in Texas?

Federal drug conspiracy crimes are investigated by multiple government agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). These agencies have access to advanced technology and resources, putting defendants at an increased risk of facing the harsh penalties that result from a federal criminal conviction.

These crimes require an aggressive federal conspiracy criminal defense lawyer to fight in a federal courtroom. Gallian Defense Firm in Dallas, Texas has the experience and knowledge to defend clients against the severity of these charges. Gregg Gallian works hard and has successfully helped hundreds of clients have their charges reduced or dismissed.

What Does Federal Drug Conspiracy Mean?

Federal drug conspiracies are an agreement between two or more individuals to commit a crime that violates federal drug laws. These charges are applicable in a wide range of criminal cases and federal prosecutors use the vague nature of these allegations to their advantage. Conspiracy charges only require two elements.

Elements of a Conspiracy Include:

  1. 2 or more people agree to commit a crime.
  2. One action is taken towards committing the crime.

In many cases, individuals facing charges for involvement in a federal drug conspiracy were not involved in the crime. This is a tactic that federal investigators use in an attempt to obtain evidence from those that they believe may have information about the crime.

Federal Drug Crimes Can a Conspiracy Include?

Common federal drug crimes which can be part of a conspiracy include:

  • Drug Trafficking
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute

Federal drug charges are tried at a serious level and can result in harsh penalties. An experienced criminal defense attorney is needed to represent clients facing these serious allegations. There are several types of conspiracy crimes that are a violation of federal drug laws. These include agreements to manufacture, distribute, process, or import an illicit drug.

The harshest elements in cases of drug conspiracies are that these charges do not require any monetary exchange, drug distribution, or an actual crime to occur. These cases only require plans to execute the crime and a step to be taken in these plans.

What are the Penalties for Involvement in a Federal Drug Conspiracy?

Harsh penalties can result if the prosecution can prove that the defendant knowingly made an agreement to participate in a crime that violates federal law.

Charges can also be enhanced in certain situations, increasing minimum prison sentences significantly.

Enhanced Penalties May Occur When:

  • Defendant has convictions of previous drug and/or felony charges.
  • An individual is hurt as a result of the conspiracy.
  • Conspiracy cases that involve a minor child.

Penalties for a conviction on federal drug charges depend on several factors, including the amount of drugs involved. These convictions generally result in felony charges that carry minimum prison sentences of anywhere from 5 to 20 or more years.

What Defense Strategies Can Be Utilized for Conspiracy Charges?


A strong legal defense is critical for federal-level criminal offenses. These convictions destroy lives, families, and futures. There are several tactics and strategies that your defense lawyer may use to beat or lessen these charges.

No Intent


The prosecution will need to prove that the defendant’s actions were intentionally criminal. This applies to cases involving fraud, internet crimes, and other federal crimes. These crimes may have been a simple accident and unintentional.

No Involvement


Because federal crimes usually involve other parties, your defense attorney may be able to shift the blame on other individuals involved in the case. You may have been instructed to commit actions that were part of a federal crime but were unaware of any criminal intent.



Entrapment is a common defense strategy in federal cases because you may be able to convince the jury that you were a victim in the crime. Another party involved may have used force, intimidation, and/or blackmail to force you to commit a crime that you did not want to commit.

Do I Need a Drug Conspiracy Defense Lawyer?

Criminal convictions on federal charges can result in decades behind bars and thousands in fines. These charges have the potential to destroy your family and future. It is imperative that you choose a lawyer who is skilled and experienced in handling crimes of this serious nature.

Gregg Gallian is an established federal criminal defense lawyer in Dallas, Texas. He has developed a solid reputation by utilizing unique approaches, strong defense strategies, and years of experience in federal law.

The sooner that you reach out to Gallian Defense Firm, the sooner he can begin building your defense. Gallian provides free case reviews to clients, even if they have already hired another attorney and looking to make a change.


Why Is Gallian the Best Choice for Federal Criminal Law Firm?


All federal crimes are serious and a threat to your freedom and future. Do not face allegations of these crimes alone. Gregg Gallian is an experienced and reputable criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas who has represented clients throughout the state against these serious allegations.  Gallian is a bold force in the courtroom and will work hard to help have your charges dropped or lessened.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the unique circumstances involved in your case. Gregg Gallian and his team will gather all the necessary evidence, testimonies, and other elements to build the strongest defense strategy possible.

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