Have You Been Charged with Murder or Manslaughter?

Are you facing charges for murder/manslaughter in Dallas or surrounding areas and need an experienced Dallas murder defense attorney? The Texas Criminal Justice System imposes harsh penalties for any form of homicide. A capital murder charge in Texas could lead to decades behind bars, life imprisonment, or the death penalty. The only way to fight back against these charges is by hiring the best murder defense lawyer possible.  Dallas murder defense attorney Gregg Gallian of Gallian Firm LLC is a well known, award winning and experienced murder/manslaughter defense attorney.

What is Murder?

Murder and manslaughter charges fall within a broad area of law called criminal homicide. Murder is defined as any act that causes another individual to lose his/her life. There are various types of murder depending on the circumstances and intent of the defendant, including manslaughter, murder, and capital murder. Murder and capital murder charges require that the crime was committed intentionally and knowingly. Murder can also apply if the death of another person results from the intentional pursuit of a felony crime.

What are the Elements of Murder?

Murder/manslaughter charges can apply to any circumstances in which one individual’s actions lead to another person’s death. The defendant’s intent, role, and other factors are involved in determining which specific charges are incurred.

What is the Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter?

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The difference between whether you will face murder and manslaughter charges depends on the intention of the actions committed.  Manslaughter charges apply to incidents in which an individual’s actions lead to death of another person. These are purely accidental cases of death that result from poor decisions, intoxication, or another form of carelessness.

Manslaughter applies when reckless behavior results in the death of another person. For example, if a driver unintentionally strikes and kills a pedestrian.

What is the Difference Between Murder and Capital Murder in Texas?

A conviction for capital murder charges faces the death penalty in Texas. There are several situations in which charges for capital murder may be applicable.

Examples of Capital Murder Include:

  • Murder committed against a victim who was younger than 10 years old.
  • Murder of more than one person.
  • Murder committed as an act of retaliation against an employee of the justice system.
  • Murder while serving a life sentence.
  • Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, etc.

Experienced murder defense attorneys in Dallas can help reduce charges to lesser charges, including murder or manslaughter when capital murder is not applicable.

How is Murder / Manslaughter Assessed?

The severity of the murder or manslaughter that you face will be assessed based on several factors, including your intent, mental state, and additional circumstances.


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Intent is the most critical factor in how the criminal justice system assesses murder/manslaughter charges. The prosecution will push for maximum charges, including murder and capital murder.  Obtaining a conviction on these charges would require irrefutable evidence that you intentionally took another person’s life.

Charges may be lessened to manslaughter if your lawyer can prove that recklessness, accidental cause, or other unintentional incident resulted in death.

Mental State

An individual’s mental state at the time that a murder is committed is deciding factor in how these crimes are assessed. Homicides that are committed out of anger, rage, or terror are considered crimes of passion and punished less severely. Premeditated murders are considered to be the most heinous

What Strategies Could a Criminal Homicide Defense Lawyer Use for Murder / Manslaughter Charges?

There are several strategies that a criminal homicide defense lawyer may utilize to fight murder/manslaughter charges.

Murder/Manslaughter Defense Strategies May Include:

  • Innocence
  • Altered Mental State
  • Lack of Intent
  • Insufficient Evidence
  • Self-Defense
  • Coercion

Which strategy will be the most effective will depend on the circumstances that are specific to your case.  Experienced murder defense attorneys in Dallas will help you from the beginning of the process.

The severity of the murder or manslaughter that you face will be assessed based on several factors, including your intent, mental state, and additional circumstances.

IT is wise to to Contact experienced Murder Defense Attorneys in Dallas

It is imperative that you reach out to a murder/manslaughter defense attorney immediately if you have been charged with any form of these crimes.  A mainstream criminal defense lawyer is not equipped with the knowledge or resources to handle cases of this magnitude.

Only a lawyer who is experienced in trying cases in a federal courtroom will have the knowledge and resources to defend your case.

What Are Your Next Steps if Charged with Murder/ Manslaughter in Texas?

There are several things that are essential to protecting your legal rights and ensuring the best outcome for your case.  Contacting murder defense attorneys in Dallas Gallian Firm LLC is an essential first step.  These experienced murder defense attorneys in Dallas will give you honest, clear advice in your free consultation.  There is no charge for talking by phone or meeting with Gallian Firm in person to discuss your case.

Remain Calm

Stay calm, think rationally, and gather any evidence regarding your charges Panic is a natural response but will only result in rash, potentially devastating consequences. Remaining calm is critical when you are facing serious criminal allegations.

Keep to Yourself

Keeping to yourself is critical for increasing the likelihood of a successful case outcome. Refuse to speak with friends, family, and most importantly, anyone involved in the case.

Do not speak with detectives or law enforcement without the council of reputable murder defense attorneys in Dallas. 

Contact an Experienced, Aggressive Dallas murder defense attorney

Contact a Dallas murder defense attorney as soon as possible. Public defenders do not have the knowledge, experience, or legal resources to handle cases of this magnitude. These cases require experienced legal representation for any shot at beating these charges.

You will need the most advanced resources and legal team available to fight back against murder/manslaughter charges.

Gallian Firm is the best Dallas murder defense attorney for you

Fighting back against murder/manslaughter charges will require access to the best legal resources and services. Dallas murder defense attorney Gallian, Firm, LLC will work hard to help you gather evidence, including video, phone records, witness testimonies, and other key information in your case. Dallas murder defense attorney Gregg Gallian will use this information to develop a powerful defense based on the unique circumstances in your case. Dallas murder defense attorney Gregg Gallian strives to provide his clients with the strongest defense possible and will work hard to have charges dropped or lessened. Gregg Gallian is a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas who has successfully represented clients throughout the state against serious criminal allegations like murder and manslaughter many times in the past. His experience as a former federal prosecutor makes Dallas murder defense attorney Gregg Gallian a bold force in the courtroom.  His defense strategy is aggressive and relentless, and he is known and respected nationally for his winning track record. Call Gallian Firm, LLC today to speak with an experienced Dallas murder defense attorney at 214-432-8860 or visit online to schedule a free consultation.

His experience as a former federal prosecutor makes Gregg Gallian a bold force in the courtroom.  His defense strategy is aggressive and relentless, and he is known and respected nationally for his winning track record.

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I worked with Gregg Gallian and had amazing results! I contacted a different lawyer at the beginning of my case and had no communication, effort and I even started to question whether I was forgotten about. I made the change and got with Mr. Gallian and he was quick and effective with making progress with my case! He was always professional, very communicative, knowledgeable in what he does and will get you good results! I highly recommend him and I know I'll be contacting his firm if I ever need to again.
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Gregg was an amazing lawyer. He and his team were incredibly professional from the start and Gregg was just as passionate about my issue as I was. He cared - which is something many lawyers don't do. He expedited resolution to my issue and sought to restore justice. I am eternally grateful for him and his colleagues. I had been fighting this issue for 6 months and within 2 weeks of hiring him, it was resolved. Highly recommend if you are in need of a lawyer.
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Thank you! Truly, the Gallian Firm, is the representation you want and need when hopeless situations arise! We worked directly with Gregg and he was a wonderful listener, discussed options, and stood by throughout the process…And well beyond! He was always available to help ease worries and answer questions. He has great patience and doesn’t give up! We are so grateful to have found Gregg and would recommend him to anyone! Thank you again!
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Greg Gallian came highly recommended by a nationally renowned attorney. In our stressful situation, he put our mind at ease and handled our situation with the utmost attention and diligence. Thank you, Greg for your expertise and professionalism. We are forever grateful for having you on our team!
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Thorough, respectful and communicative! We went with Mr. Gallian after having a lack luster lawyer. We immediately saw the difference in approach, he truly goes above and beyond, as well as the employees in the office. He got us the best possible outcome, something that wasn't even given as an option with our previous lawyer! I'd recommend his services to anyone. I can't thank him enough for his work.
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Mr. Gallian was upfront and professional in every interaction. He communicated his game plan effectively and set realistic expectations for us heading into court. We were very pleased with the outcome!

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