Have You Been Charged as a Felon in Possession of a Firearm in Texas?

Are you facing charges for felon firearm possession in Texas? Possession of a firearm is illegal for convicted felons unless certain circumstances are met. A conviction on these charges is a 3rd-degree felony. Convicted felons may face enhanced charges and incur maximum penalties due to existing criminal records. You will need a gun crimes lawyer to help you fight back against these charges.

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What is Felon Firearm Possession?

Convicted felons are legally allowed to possess a firearm in Texas 5 years after their release from a correctional institution. Firearms are required to remain in the home. Felon firearm possession charges refer to when an individual possesses a firearm while on probation, parole, or before release stipulations are met.

What are the Elements of Felon Firearm Possession?

The prosecution will need to prove that an individual who is a convicted felon intentionally and voluntarily possessed a firearm before legally permitted.

How Are Felon Firearm Possession Laws Different in Texas Vs. Federal?

The federal legal system prohibits felons from possessing guns indefinitely. Texas felon gun possession laws are more lenient. State laws allow felons to possess a firearm in their homes as soon as five years after their release.

How are Felon Firearm Possession Charges Assessed?

Felon firearm possession charges are assessed based on several factors, including the circumstances of your case , and your criminal history. Repeat felony offenders are punished most severely.

What Strategies Could a Gun Crimes Defense Lawyer use for Felon Firearm Possession Charges?

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A gun crimes defense lawyer could utilize several strategies to defend you against felony firearm possession charges.

You didn't know you had the firearm

The prosecution will need to prove that you knowingly had a firearm in your possession. A gun crimes defense attorney may work to prove that you were oblivious to the firearm’s existence.

you didn't possess the firearm

Your gun crimes defense attorney may be able to prove that you did not possess and had no control over the firearm. This defense argument is most effective in cases in which there is another individual in the household.

For example, a spouse or roommate brought a gun into the home with no regard to felon gun possession laws.

The prosecution will need to prove beyond a doubt that you knowingly and willing committed fraud against the SBA. Prosecutors will be required to demonstrate that your false statements and/or other fraudulent acts were committed with the intent to deceive and that damages resulted from these actions.

An SBA loan fraud defense lawyer will need to create a solid defense strategy that causes reasonable doubt. Several strategies may be utilized that a criminal defense attorney with experience will know how to use effectively. 

Do You Need to Contact a FIREARM POSSESSION Defense Attorney?

An aggressive, experienced gun crimes defense lawyer is the best person to combat charges for felon gun possession. A fierce defense attorney may get you a plea deal or even a case dismissal Do not leave your future up to the decision of the Texas justice system.  A conviction for felon firearm possession could result in up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. Choose the best criminal defense lawyer possible.  Do not delay. Gregg Gallian is an experienced gun crime defense attorney and will build a fierce defense to fight for you. Reach out today for a free case evaluation.

What are Your Next Steps if Charged with Felon Firearm Possession?

There are several things that you must do to protect your legal rights and ensure a positive case outcome.

1). Understand The Severity of Gun Possession Charges

A conviction for possessing a firearm illegally is a felony offense and must be taken seriously. The justice system is not lenient on felony offenders and will pursue maximum penalties.

2). Keep Your Case to Yourself

Keep all business regarding your case to yourself. Do not discuss any details with friends, family, or on social media.

3). Contact gregg gallian, top firearm defense Lawyer Immediately

Reach out to an experienced gun crimes lawyer at Gallian Firm immediately if you are facing these serious allegations. Call 214-432-8860 or visit online to schedule a consultation.

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