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Case Dismissed?

If your case was dismissed without any formal probation, you may be entitled to an expunction.

Verdict: Not Guilty

If you were found not guilty but a judge or jury at trial, you are entitled to an expunction.

Deferred Probation

If you successfully completed deferred probation, your case could be eligible for a nondisclosure.

Expired Statute of Limitations?

Even if you were arrested, you could be eligible for an expunction if your case was not filed before the statute of limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

An expunction is complete erasure of all files and records relating to an arrest or charge. 

A nondisclosure court order prohibiting public entities from disclosing certain criminal records. 

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Every case is different and warrants its own analysis.  However, my prices are very reasonable for the services provided. 

I normally tell my clients to expect the process to last about 30-60 days depending on the County – some counties are more efficient than others.

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