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SBA Loan Fraud Defense Lawyer

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SBA Loan Fraud Defense Lawyer

Are you facing charges for SBA loan fraud? SBA loan fraud is a federal crime may result in steep penalties if convicted, including decades behind bars. You need the best SBA loan fraud defense lawyer in your corner to defend you against these serious charges.


What are SBA Loans?


The Small Business Association, or SBA, is a government agency that provides financial and educational support to small business owners throughout the United States.


The SBA backs small business owners and connects them with loan and grant opportunities through major banks. There are several types of SBA loan programs available.


Most Popular SBA Loan Programs:


  • SBA 504
  • SBA 7(a)
  • SBA Microloans
  • SBA Export Loans
  • Disaster Loans

Examples of SBA Loan Fraud


Obtaining an SBA loan illegitimately and/or misusing funds is considered SBA loan fraud. There are several different ways this fraud could be committed.


Examples of SBA Loan Fraud Include:


  • Creating a fake business to apply for SBA loan funding.
  • Making false statements about a legitimate business to acquire SBA loan approval.
  • Applying for an SBA loan without the intention of repaying it.

Joseph Foistner, a former attorney in New Hampshire, was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison for fraud against the SBA. His crimes included lying on multiple SBA loan applications to apply for over 8 million dollars in federal assistance.


What are the Penalties for SBA Loan Fraud?


There are several repercussions that you may face if convicted on charges of SBA loan fraud. The extent of these penalties will depend on the specific charges of which you are convicted.


Potential Penalties Include:


  • A conviction for making false statements to the SBA could result in 2 years behind bars and a fine of up to $5,000.
  • A conviction for making false statements to any government agency would result in up to 5 years behind bars and fines of up to $250,000.

Many SBA loan fraud cases involve multiple charges and penalties. These penalties include fines, prison sentences, and personal and professional reprimands.


How Can an SBA Loan Fraud Defense Lawyer Fight These Allegations?


The prosecution will need to prove beyond a doubt that you knowingly and willing committed fraud against the SBA. Prosecutors will be required to demonstrate that your false statements and/or other fraudulent acts were committed with the intent to deceive and that damages resulted from these actions.


An SBA loan fraud defense lawyer will need to create a solid defense strategy that causes reasonable doubt. Several strategies may be utilized.  


Strong Defense Strategies for SBA Loan Fraud:


  • Innocent Mistake
  • Lack of Intent
  • Coercion

Which of these strategies would be the most effective will depend on the unique factors in your case.


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The prosecution knows which attorneys will fight for their clients. Choose a lawyer who is experienced in the federal courtroom to beat serious allegations of SBA loan fraud. Gregg Gallian is an experienced SBA loan fraud defense attorney and will build a solid defense to fight for you. Reach out today for a free case evaluation.