regina shaw

Legal Assistant

regina shaw


Regina Shaw received her Bachelors at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2019 after beginning her University training at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica in San Pedro Costa Rica in August,  2017.

Regina has extensive experience in the legal field, handling a range of critical administration and management functions with a range of law firms in the Los Angeles, California market within the legal field since 2017.   

She has a widespread background in making life much easier for new clients and her exceptional professional skills make her an incredible asset for Gallian Firm. 


As the first person in my family to join the legal profession, I have gained access to a world that I never knew about before, which has made the work that I do in the firm much more meaningful and engaging. I believe my role as a legal assistant greatly contributes to the overall success of the firm.

There are many professions where your job is to aid people, but in the criminal defense world, our work is so much more than that. People are entrusting their lives to us, and I believe that alone drives us to work that much harder. Aiding people through challenging times and seeing amazing results at the end has been a long-term goal of mine, and I feel I am able to accomplish that goal here at the Gallian Firm, LLC.