How to Protect Yourself Against Police Deception


If you think giving advice as to how to protect yourself against police deception or misconduct is an unusual topic for a criminal defense attorney blog, think again.  Here at Gallian Defense Firm, we hear it all too often.  Many clients come into my office after talking with the detective.  After they have been tricked or deceived. After they have been interrogated for hours on end.  


To Get to Know the Rules of the Game on Police Deception


1. Police can legally lie during communication with you and during interrogations


While police are not legally permitted to use physical tactics during interrogations, they are permitted to use other tools to elicit confessions, real or not, from people.  Police and interrogators have a toolbox of tools to manipulate you psychologically, and they use them freely.  If you have ever watched a television detective show and thought “Wow, I would never fall for that!”, you may be surprised what one can do when in a circumstance of great stress, fatigue or worry. 


Police can claim to have evidence against you, say that a co-defendant has confessed or make up other stories to elicit a confession.


If you think only guilty people confess, you’re wrong.  Detectives are masters at twisting words and getting you to make one tiny concession after another until you have fully confessed.  Their trick is to give you little assurances along the way:


“You can leave whenever you’d like.”


“No matter what you say, I’m not arresting you today.”


“Just tell me your side of the story.”


By employing this tactic, detectives lull you into a false sense of security.  Do not fall for it.  If you are being called by a detective to “come in and tell your side of the story”, respectfully and calmly decline to speak and call us at Gallian Firm immediately. 

Even though


Whether you have nothing to hide or everything to hide, you need an attorney at your side before it is too late.  Like we mention in the Q&A Section – “if you think you need an attorney, get one.”


2. Minors are very susceptible to police using confusion and deceptive techniques


The same rules of the game apply to minors that apply to adults.  But if a detective asks a minor a question, and uses a strong tone, authoritative voice and aggressive style, a minor isn’t likely to know to keep silent and request a phone call.  


If a minor understands their rights, they have taken the first step to avoiding the type of false confession or incriminating statements.  This is the first step, to be informed that the same rights to remain silent and request an attorney exist for minors as well as adults. 


As many minors are involved in drug crimes or theft, it is a very intelligent choice to contact a top Dallas criminal defense lawyer like Gregg Gallian, who has experience as a state and federal prosecutor and has defended minors successfully for years.  


3. Staying Calm and Calling Criminal Defense Lawyer Gregg Gallian is Essential


Ultimately, knowing that your rights get compromised when you are nervous, stressed, or under difficult physical conditions is essential.  Knowing that you want to put yourself in the best position to protect yourself in the face of a loss of your rights, freedom and money when you are calm and in your right mind is step one. 


Once you are in the right frame of mind, make the most important call you can.  Call Gallian Defense Firm immediately and get the best layer of protection you can. 


Regardless of where you are in the process, if you are being questioned by a detective or other law enforcement official, it is time to make that call.  If you have any doubts, check out some of Gallian’s client reviews to get more detail and a sense of the power and ability of this attorney.