Probation and Parole Violations in Texas


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What Are Penalties for Probation and Parole Violations in Texas?

Probation and parole violations in Texas are based upon supervised release programs that are granted to allow individuals to reduce or eliminate mandatory jail/prison sentences. Supervised release programs like parole and probation require compliance with several mandatory stipulations.

Failure to meet the stipulations of your probation or parole is known as a violation. The penalties for violating your probation/parole agreement are based on the severity of the violation that is committed. Penalties could include extended time on supervised release, or your agreement being revoked entirely.

The following informational guide covers everything you need to know about probation and parole violations. We examine state and federal supervised release programs and reveal what to do if you have violated your probation or parole.

Terms of Supervised Release in Texas

The terms of each Texas State and federal supervised release program varies based on case-specific factors, including the type of crime, severity of the offense, etc. For example, regular drug testing may be a term of your probation if you were charged with a drug-related crime. General requirements may include fines, community service hours, and meetings with your probation/parole officer.

Texas Probation Violations

Parole Violation Dallas

Probation violations occurs when you fail to meet the requirements of your supervised release.

Examples of Common Probation Violations Include:

  • Missing a Meeting w/Probation Officer
  • Failure to Appear in Court
  • Failing or Refusing a Drug/Alcohol Test
  • Failure to Maintain Employment
  • Protective Order Violation

Being arrested for another crime while on parole or probation is also terms for revoking your supervised release.

Texas Probation Violation Penalties

The penalties for probation violations in Texas vary greatly depending on the type of non-compliance that is committed. For example, the judge is likely to grant an extension if you are unable to meet fine deadlines.

The most important thing for probation compliance in Dallas, or anywhere in Texas, is to always report to your probation officer and court dates as scheduled. Failing to report to your probation officer is grounds for automatic revoking of your supervised release.

Avoiding your probation officer and/or court date because you fail to meet other criteria will only result in additional penalties.

Probation/Parole Violation Warrant

A warrant can be issued for your arrest in Texas if you are suspected of violating the terms of your probation. This can occur without warning. You would be entitled to a hearing and given the opportunity to seek the guidance of a probation violation lawyer before a decision is made.


A probation violation lawyer like Gregg Gallian may be able to help if you a facing a motion for a probation or parole violation. Your defense lawyer will work with the judge to find a fair solution to the type of violation that was committed.

For example, if you failed or refused to comply with mandatory drug testing, your defense lawyer may be able to arrange a deal involving a drug treatment program.

A probation violation lawyer may be able to have the motion withdrawn or dismissed if the accusations are false.

Gallian Firm, LLC are here to help if you face parole or probation violation consequences

Probation and parole violations are not automatic grounds for mandatory jail or prison time. Oftentimes, the judge would prefer an alternative deal be reached if possible. Contact Gallian, LLC today if you or a loved one has violated the terms of your supervised release program.


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