Here Are Your Options if Charged With a DWI in Texas

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense and one that could have fatal consequences for you and others involved. About 1.5 million people get arrested for a DWI-related situation every year.


This can be a scary situation for those never involved with the police or a court of law. When getting handcuffed and processed for an arrest, you may not know what will happen next. 


What should you do if you get charged with a DWI? What is the best course of action here? This is a DWI guide for if you happen to get pulled over and arrested by the police.

Prepare For License Suspension

drunk driving DWI

If you actually are guilty of driving while impaired, then you are going to have to prepare for going several months without driving your own vehicle. In Texas, the minimum license suspension is typically 90 days.


Some people may not be prepared for this reality and may have to find other accommodation to get to and from work. That can especially be the case if someone is a sole provider for their family and they lose the ability to drive to work. 


The best advice here would be to make other arrangements for your daily life as soon as possible. This will last at least three months in Texas, but depending on the severity of your DWI, it could last a lot longer. 

Minimum Jail Time 

Texas is one of those states that can possibly have minimum jail time for a first DWI. However, it is possible that someone can be reduced down to probation.


This could have severe consequences for somebody if they did have to go to jail. It can show up on your permanent record and may make it harder to do daily tasks such as securing an apartment to live in, getting good insurance coverage, or finding a job. 

Prepare Financially if Charged With a DWI

A DWI charge typically ends up costing the accused thousands of dollars, and you may not be prepared for all of the expenses that go into it. 


There is the fine itself, lawyer fees for someone to represent you, the increase in your car insurance cost, and more.


The best thing that you can do is be as aware as possible that if you are found guilty of a DWI, you are going to need several thousand dollars to pay off all of your bills. Prepare for this as early as possible and start saving money to pay for this.

Talk to a Lawyer

If you are charged with a DWI, it is best that you get legal representation immediately. 


Having a lawyer by your side also provides you with professional legal counsel in a situation that you may have never been in before, but they have several times before.


Are you ready to find legal representation? Contact us today to get started.