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Need a Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer Dallas, Texas?

Are you facing allegations of a misdemeanor crime near Dallas, Texas? Misdemeanor charges are not to be taken lightly. The judge has the authority to raise misdemeanor offenses to felony level charges. A good criminal defense lawyer can help Texans reduce or eliminate these strategies with a strong criminal defense strategy.

Common Misdemeanor Charges

The Texas legal justice system generally treats minor first-time criminal offenses as misdemeanors.


Common Misdemeanor Charges Include:



The State of Texas has a two year timeframe to file charges against an individual for misdemeanor level crimes.

Misdemeanor DWI Charges

A simple DWI is classified as a Class B misdemeanor in Texas. An individual may face enhanced charges if other crimes occur concurrently and/or for repeat offenses.

Misdemeanor Theft Charges

The severity at which theft crimes are charged depends on the value of the amounts stolen and if there are any similar previous convictions. Theft of items valuing less than $100 is a Class C misdemeanor for a first time offense, or a Class B misdemeanor for subsequent offenses.


First-time theft of items valuing more than $100 but less than $750 are automatic Class B misdemeanors.


Class A misdemeanors apply to theft in value of $750-$2500. Theft may quickly evaluate to felony charges for repeat offenders or if any aggravated factors are involved. For more information if you have been charged with theft, click here.

Misdemeanor Assault Charges

Although most assault charges are elevated to felony assault, there are cases in which assault is considered a misdemeanor crime.


A first-time offender for a simple assault involving bodily injury is generally charged with Class A misdemeanor.


Threatening to commit assault or using physical contact in an attempt to provoke another individual is a Class C misdemeanor.

Misdemeanor Drug Charges

Serious drug-related crimes are state or federal level felony charges. Possession, distribution, or manufacturing of hard drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, meth are automatic felony charges.


However, there are a few drug-related charges that may be charged as misdemeanors, including the possession of drug paraphernalia, non-prescribed controlled medications, and small amounts of marijuana.


Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


The possession of any items related to drug manufacturing, prep, distribution, or use is a misdemeanor charge.


Examples of Drug Paraphernalia Include:


  • Pipes
  • Needles
  • Grinders
  • Scales
  • Baggies


An individual may face charges of possession of drug paraphernalia even in circumstances in which drug possession is non-existent.


Possession of Marijuana


Marijuana is handled differently under the Texas legal system. Possession of small amounts of marijuana are charged as misdemeanor offenses.


Charges for marijuana possession of less than 2 ounces is considered a Class B misdemeanor.


Possession of an amount ranging from 2 to 4 ounces is a Class A misdemeanor.


Possession of any amount of marijuana over 4 ounces is an automatic felony charge.


Other Misdemeanor Drug Possession Charges


Possession of less than 28 grams of a controlled substance from penalty groups 3 and 4 is a Class A misdemeanor. Penalty groups 3 and 4 include non-opiate medications, such as Valium, Xanax, and Buprenorphine. 

Potential Penalties for Misdemeanors

The potential penalties for a misdemeanor conviction will depend on which class the crime falls within. Misdemeanor level crimes are classified into 3 distinct categories, Class A, B, or C.


Class C Misdemeanors


Class C misdemeanors do not require jail time but are fined at $500.


Class B Misdemeanors


Class B misdemeanors are punishable by up to 180 days behind bars and/or up to $2,000 in fines.


Class A Misdemeanors


Class A misdemeanor convictions are the most serious level of misdemeanor and only one step away from a felony charge. A Class A misdemeanor conviction could potentially result in up to one year behind bars and/or $4,000 in fines.


The prosecution will fight for maximum penalties and may attempt to have your charges elevated to felony offenses. Certain misdemeanor convictions, including theft, drugs, and assault also have the potential to destroy future employment opportunities and your reputation.

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Misdemeanor charges do not have to result in criminal convictions or jail time. The right criminal defense attorney can help individuals facing misdemeanor allegations have their charges reduced or even dropped in some cases.


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