Meet Gregg Gallian

Managing Attorney at Gallian Firm LLC

Gregg Gallian

Gregg Gallian

State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney


St. Mary's University School of Law

Juris Doctorate

Honors: Order of the Barristers Inductee for Excellence in Advocacy
Honors: Best Advocate – Patricia L. Scott Award

Texas A&M University

Bachelors of Business Administration


Best Lawyers in Dallas – D Magazine 2019

Top 40 under 40 – National Trial Lawyers – 2018 & 2019

Rising Stars – Thompson Reuters – 2019 & 2020

Client’s Choice – Avvo – 2017 & 2019

Top Attorney – 10.0 – Avvo Rating – 2019

Dallas County Misdemeanor Prosecutor of the Year – 2015

About Gregg Gallian:

Gregg Gallian is a Criminal Defense Attorney and Managing Attorney at Gallian Firm LLC – based in Dallas, Texas.  Gregg always knew he would become a criminal defense attorney. He appreciated his time at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office because it taught him so much about trial and about how prosecutors approach cases. He often found himself questioning and challenging motives at the DA’s Office when he was assigned to cases with very little or no evidence. At that point, he knew it was time to make the switch and aggressively advocate for people. He uses the knowledge he obtained as a prosecutor to not just prepare a defense but to also understand and destroy the prosecutor’s case.

Gregg has handled more 50 trials, hundreds of dismissals and received reductions on a countless number of cases. He is a common face around the district attorneys’ offices in Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, Rockwall County, and Tarrant County.

Gregg has handled some of the biggest and most highly publicized federal cases in the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas. He is intimately familiar with the inner-workings of federal court and how to best advocate for each client.

Gregg is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law. He is a family man, a lover of suits, and can make a mean Spotify playlist. Gregg enjoys an active, healthy lifestyle but also held the record at a local IHOP for eating 16 pancakes in one sitting. Balance.

Get to know Your Lawyer:

Questions for Gregg

On a day-to-day basis, I love helping people.  Each and every day I achieve a result that changes someone’s life for the better.  That feeling is addicting.  From a professional prospective, my favorite thing about being an attorney is trial – there is no better feeling than an intense cross examination or a winning closing argument. 

The most frustrating part about my job is dealing with prosecutors who refuse to see a case from my perspective – refuse to believe in second chances or want to punish my client for an, oftentimes, singular mistake.  I have found that persistence and relentlessness often carries the day on these cases. 

Yes. I yelled at the Judge and thought I was going to be held in contempt.  I always do what’s best for my clients and if I believe a Judge is incorrect, I feel it is my duty to voice that opinion.  Sometimes louder than others.

I must admit – I have a bit of a suit problem.  I don’t know that I will ever have enough suits.  Check them out at Please don’t copy me – there are plenty of styles. 

Most people think this is ETREMELY weird but, I hate chocolate.  If you’re thinking “you should try this kind”, I have and I don’t like it. Haha.  Think of it this way – more chocolate for you!

It depends – EVERY case has its own challenges and issues.  However, my job is done when the client is ecstatic with the outcome. 

I graduated from the business school at Texas A&M. I thought I was going to be a corporate attorney. Turns out, they are never in trial. The courtroom was my calling and once I figured that out, I’ve never looked back.

Assuming it’s a sunny island – keg of beer, snorkel, and a box of Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 cigars.

Schedule a meeting and let’s talk about it. Every case has its own fee.  My fees are structured to directly correlate with the amount of time I work on a case. 

The Office.  I love awkward moments and The Office is chalked full of them. 

Wife and I wake up at 4:30 am where we hit the gym until 6. Coffee and news until 7.  Take my kids to daycare and then work for the day.  Most mornings I am in court, negotiating with prosecutors and talking with Judges.  I’m in the office most afternoons where I spend time meeting with clients and preparing a defense in their case.  Dinner.  Rest.  Repeat.

I’m an early riser so I fall asleep pretty quickly at night. However, the eve of trial is always a long night of tossing and turning.

G-Money.  Admittedly, I tried to get some other nicknames to stick – Diesel, Bear, McGreggor – but G-Money was given to me by a Client and it stuck ever since. 

Excuses. There’s something to be said about honesty. I’m a criminal defense attorney – it is all privileged.

If you think you need one, get one.  Go with your gut.  There are a lot of criminal defense attorneys out there – only a have the results you need. 


From my Clients: