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Carly Ray

Carly Ray

Professional and Educational Background

Carly Ray received her Masters in Legal Studies from Texas State University,  San Marcos and received her bachelors at Texas A&M University. 

Carly has extensive paralegal experience and her outstanding skills make her an essential part of the  Gallian Defense Firm team.  

Personal Statement

Looking back, I realize that I have always been drawn to the underdog: those challenged in the balance of fairness. The ones the odds were stacked against. Early in my legal career, I primarily defended insurance companies. But I always felt that I could do more for those that needed help. I am excited about working in the world of criminal defense and am driven by the opportunity to fight for clients to obtain the best possible outcome.


Questions for Carly

Shortly before graduating from Texas A&M University with my bachelor’s, I was uncertain about my future career path and began to explore other areas of study to pursue. My father was the one to suggest legal studies. He knew that my diligence, organization, and determination would be a great asset in the legal industry.  I chose and attended the ABA-approved Master of Arts Legal Studies program at Texas State University and haven’t looked back since.

I love working with a dedicated and skilled team where our daily goal is to fight for our clients through a daunting legal system and support them along the way. I realize that I have a tendency to be stubborn, and once I determine a way to help our Clients, I won’t stop until I achieve it. Simply put, I like to win.

I enjoy time spent with my family and friends, entertaining, trying new restaurants in Dallas, shopping, exploring, and traveling. I am also an active member of the Junior League of Dallas and enjoy volunteering with various organizations throughout the community. I recently took up tennis and recharge at home with Maddie, our St. Berdoodle.

I met Gregg upon the recommendation of another attorney who felt our personalities and professional ideals were well suited. After meeting with Gregg and understanding his goals, personally and professionally, I knew we would make a great fit. I am energized and excited to be a part of this firm and look forward to growing along with it.