Do You Need a Lawyer for First-Time Theft Charges?


The first time an individual is arrested on theft charges the court system usually sets a low bail and they are released quickly. This hasty release is often misleading, causing many people to think that first-time theft charges aren’t a serious matter. This leads many to wonder if they even need a theft crimes lawyer for first-time theft charges.


It is imperative that you contact a qualified theft crimes lawyer anytime that you are facing any severity of theft crime, even if it is your first offense. The Texas Judicial System considers all theft crimes to be serious matters and the prosecution will work hard to win a conviction.


Numerous penalties can result from first-time theft charges of any severity. Even a petty theft charge has the potential to destroy your reputation and future.


Your Reputation is at Stake


theft chargesdon't go to jail for first time theft charges that an individual may face, all of which are a serious threat to your reputation. The penalties for these charges will be based on several factors, including the monetary value of the stolen goods, and other circumstances in the case.


Theft crimes range from aggravated crimes, such as armed robbery, to white collar crimes, including embezzlement. Even what seems like a simple shoplifting charge can quickly escalate to serious fines, jail time, and a permanent stain on your criminal record.


Theft crimes are especially damaging to all aspects of your personal and professional reputation. Having the reputation of a thief creates an element of distrust in all of these relationships. Let a theft crimes attorney handle these charges, fight for you in the courtroom, and prevent this serious damage to your reputation.


This damage to reputation could potentially destroy all of your future efforts regarding employment, housing, professional licensing, and educational programs. Not to mention the embarrassment of disclosing this information to other agencies.


Theft Charges Stain Your Record


Theft charges stain your criminal record long after the original crime was committed. Without the help of a lawyer, you may be convicted and charged with theft. Even if the charge is only a misdemeanor, your record will display this charge for two years after the crime was committed.


Felony theft charges stain your record for anywhere from 5-10 years depending on the details of the crime.


What Can a Theft Lawyer Do to Help?


A theft crimes lawyer can help by building a case that creates reasonable doubt regarding the allegations that you are facing. This doubt is the key element of a solid defense with the potential to have your case dismissed and charges dropped.


A good criminal defense theft attorney can help even if the evidence is solid by working with the prosecution to have charges lessened. This can potentially decrease or eliminate jail times.


First-Time Theft Charges Dallas


First-Time Theft Charges in DallasThe good news is that with the help of a theft attorney many first time theft offenders can have their case dropped or prosecution deferred. This process involves the theft lawyer using tactics of negotiation and persuasion with the prosecution.


Tactics a Theft Lawyer May Use Include:


  • Witness or Alibi
  • Violation of Constitutional Rights
  • Negotiating a Plea Bargain
  • Cooperation of Another Case

The judge rarely dismisses charges without a lawyer filing a motion to dismiss. This is something that cannot be done on your own. To have theft charges dropped or lessened you will need an experienced theft lawyer to persuade the prosecution.


Dallas Theft Lawyer


It is imperative to seek legal guidance from an attorney who has experience in representing these serious allegations. Gregg Gallian at Gallian Defense Firm is a former prosecuting attorney who knows the tactics that the prosecution will use in an attempt to convict his clients.


Gregg Gallian uses this knowledge to help first-time theft offenders have their charges dropped or lessened, often times before their court dates arrive.


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Do not let a mistake ruin your reputation and stain your criminal record. Let Gallian Defense Firm handle your case and he will work hard to fight for your innocence.


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