Do You Need a Lawyer for a Simple Drug Possession Charge?


Drug crime lawyers defend clients who are facing allegations of drug possession, intent to sell, trafficking, and other drug related crimes. When residents of Texas are arrested on a single drug possession charge, they often underestimate the severity of this offense, especially if it is their first criminal charge. This leaves many wondering; do you need a lawyer for a simple drug possession charge?


Yes, it is important for any individual in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas to hire an attorney who specializes in all drug-related crimes, no matter how small.


All Drug Crimes Require Legal Representation


do you need a lawyer for a simple drug possession charge?Prosecutors intentionally push to tax crimes involving illegal substances with as many additional charges as permissible. What was initially a simple possession charge, can escalate to additional criminal allegations, even ending up at the federal level as a federal drug conspiracy if more than one person is involved.  Additional charges are based on other circumstances surrounding the arrest, including the classification of the substance and the amount seized.


The penalties for these charges can quickly become felony offenses and/or even federal charges. Seek legal representation immediately if you are facing drug possession charges in Dallas, TX or surrounding areas.


Mandatory Jail Times and Other Repercussions


Evaluated drug possession charges can potentially result in many penalties, including mandatory jail time, excessive fines, professional problems, and other life-altering repercussions.  


Find a Drug Defense Lawyer


It is important to choose a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense and has experience representing clients who are facing drug-related charges. This is a broad area of practice, requiring a defense lawyer who experienced the courtroom.


It is also wise to hire an attorney who has represented clients on both a state and federal level. 


Search for: Drug Crime Lawyer Near Me


Use Google search engines to find a specialized drug defense lawyer in your area. A search for drug crime lawyer near me, should result in several potential legal professionals. Check their websites, reviews, and experiences from previous clients for more information about their practices.


Schedule a Consultation


Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case with a drug defense lawyer. Never pay a lawyer for this consultation. A reputable criminal defense attorney will not charge their clients for a consultation or case review. Be sure to gather all case related documents, arrest reports, court paperwork, and/or other evidence before meeting with potential attorneys.


During the Consultation


Legal consultations are the best way for potential clients to gauge how an attorney will perform in their defense case. Test each lawyer’s competence by asking questions regarding their professional experience.


  • How many cases have you defended for drug charges? What were the outcomes?
  • What are the potential outcomes for my case?
  • Do you have time to begin immediately working on my defense case?

You should also evaluate how you feel when in the presence of the attorney and whether or not they seem invested in the success of your case.


Drug Lawyer Defense Strategies


There are several defense strategies that can be used for drug-related crimes, including possession. An attorney who is knowledgeable regarding these tactics could potentially even secure a case dismissal before your court date arrival.


Illegal Arrests


Law enforcement is required to follow specific legal protocol when making an arrest.

Examples of Illegal Arrests Include:


  • Unwarranted Searches and Seizures
  • Failure to Read Miranda Rights
  • Denied Right to an Attorney

Neglecting to uphold their legal responsibilities is a common occurrence that can result in an automatic case dismissal.


Reasonable Doubt


You are innocent unless the prosecution can prove that you knowingly and intentionally had drugs in your possession. A good criminal defense attorney can instill reasonable doubt by convincing the judge and/or jury that you were unaware the drugs existed, belonged to another individual, or that the substance in your possession was an illegal substance.


Experienced Drug Crime Lawyer Gregg Gallian


Gregg Gallian is an experienced drug crime lawyer who has defended hundreds of clients in Dallas and throughout the State of Texas. As a former federal prosecuting attorney, Gallian possesses extensive knowledge of both state and federal drug laws. He also knows the tactics that prosecutors will utilize to push for a drug possession conviction.  


Reach out to Gallian Defense Firm today to schedule a free consultation or case review.