Hire a Non-Disclosure Lawyer in Dallas to Hide Your Criminal Record


There are many reasons that an individual may seek to stop past criminal charges from appearing on their criminal records and hiring a non-disclosure lawyer in Dallas can help hide past offenses, allowing you to keep this information private from the majority of organizations.


A non-disclosure lawyer has the knowledge and experience to file a petition that, once approved, will prevent crimes from appearing on employment, housing, and licensing background scans.


Hiding these charges allows individuals to take advantage of numerous opportunities that were previously unobtainable. The following informational guide details the legal process for obtaining a non-disclosure order.


Get to Know the Non-Disclosure Lawyer


hire Gallian top non disclosure lawyerIt is important to choose the right non-disclosure lawyer. This will be evident during your consultation. A lawyer should be invested in his/her clients and want to provide you the opportunity for a fresh start.


The first thing that a good non-disclosure lawyer will do is to speak with you to better understand your unique circumstances. Your non-disclosure lawyer should be interested in your motivation for seeking to hide criminal record charges.


There are a number of reasons that may lead an individual to seek this type of order, both personal and professional.


Potential Motivations Include:

  • Professional Licensing
  • Employment Opportunity
  • Government Programs
  • Educational Prospects
  • Personal Reasons

It should be a red flag if a lawyer does not ask and/or is not interested in learning more about your unique motivations. This lack of interest will only be demonstrated through further incompetence later in your legal matter.


Choosing the wrong lawyer could result in delays in getting your non-disclosure order approved, excessive financial fees, and/or complete failure sealing your criminal charges.


Assess Criminal Charge History


Your lawyer will then review and assess the charges on your criminal record. They will then determine which charges are automatically eligible, which qualify to apply for sealing, and which are ineligible. Click here for in-depth information about eligible vs. ineligible offenses for non-disclosure orders in Texas.


You will need to bring several documents that pertain to your case when meeting with your lawyer. Bringing these documents will save time and ensure that the process is completed as swiftly as legally possible.


Legal Documents May Include:legal documents are needed to Hide Your Criminal Record

  • Copy of case judgment(s)
  • Signed Order(s) of Reduced and/or Early Termination of Deferred Adjudication, Probation, Confinement
  • Signed Judgment of Case Dismissal(s)
  • Signed Document(s) Proving That Deferred Adjudication or Probation Completed

Each criminal charge must be accessed separately and conquered one at a time. The non-disclosure lawyer will need to obtain multiple nondisclosure orders if there is more than one eligible criminal offense. There are different types of nondisclosure orders for varying criminal charges.


Collect and Compose Documents for the  Lawyer


The non-disclosure lawyer will then provide you will an honest outlook on the outcome of your charges. Some charges may be eligible for non-disclosure and require the lawyer to collect and compose legal documents that constitute why these charges should be hidden from your record.


The majority of felony violent and sexual charges are impermissible. There are other offenses that are deemed ineligible due to the nature of the crimes.


The only way to know which charges can or cannot be hidden on your record is consult with an experienced lawyer to assess your case. It is important to choose a legal professional who specializes in non-disclosure orders to ensure that the individual fights to clear your criminal charges.


File a Petition


The non-disclosure lawyer will then file a petition or application with the clerk in the county that handled your case. Each charge and type of criminal charge will require specific legal forms. The clerk will provide the prosecution and the judge with a copy of these documents.


Helping Texas Start Clean


Visit Gallian Defense Firm’s article about expunctions and non-disclosures to learn more about the process. Gallian Defense Firm fights relentlessly to help clients obtain nondisclosure orders clear their names.


Gregg Gallian is an experienced non-disclosure lawyer who genuinely cares about the reasons that his clients want to have their charges hidden. He then works to make these goals a reality.


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