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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

In Texas, most offenses are prosecuted by the State of Texas in state court.  However, in some instances, the Federal Authorities exert their power and prosecute individuals in federal court when they believe a federal crime has been committed.  In Texas state courts, the Courts rely on the Texas Penal Code in large part.  However, in Federal cases, Courts must rely on violations of the United States Code. Here you can hire one of the best federal criminal defense lawyer to help you in your freedom. 

The Federal system is unlike any state court and a wholly different animal.  In fact, most federal criminal defense attorney don’t handle Federal cases because there is so much more on the line.  Your lawyer needs to handle the case quickly, efficiently, and aggressively.

In the Federal criminal system, all sentences are decided by the Judge.  Binding pleas, or plea-offers given by the prosecutor that the judge must follow if they accept the client’s guilty plea, are becoming rare in the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas.  For that reason, your federal lawyer needs to be aggressive and fight for every potential break in your case.

Believe it or not, the wording of your plea agreement and its corresponding parts may drastically affect the outcome of your Federal case.   Often times, Prosecutors will put language into the plea agreements that they know will be used at sentencing to enhance your sentence. 

After a plea of guilty or being found guilty at trial, the Judge will assign a US Probation officer your case to compile the Pre-Sentence Report (PSR).  The PSR will outline the charges, your involvement, and your background (including criminal history) and be used by the Judge to determine punishment.  In that report, the US Probation Officer will use language from your signed plea papers. For example, if you are charged in a drug conspiracy with no allegation of a firearm present but the plea papers mention a firearm being used, it could easily lead to an enhancement that you’ve already agreed to prior-to sentencing.

It is the job of your federal criminal defense lawyer to fight the enhancements in your sentence by filing formal objections to the report and making sure the plea papers don’t set you up for enhancements.  Failure to do so will waive those objections and lead to an increased sentence.

Simply put, Federal Court isn’t for the faint of heart or the lawyer who does everything at the last minute.  Instead, your federal lawyer should be proactive, aggressive, and fight for you every step of the way.  Anything short of that would be a waste of your time, money, and, potentially, your freedom.  


Types of Federal Crimes

Drug Conspiracy

Conspiracy law requires only two or more participants. The feds love charging crimes this way.

Health Care

Anti-Kickback statutes; Pay-for-patient referrals; Violation of the Stark Law; Travel Act

Felon in Possession of Firearms

If you are a convicted felon, Federal Law prohibits that you own or possess a firearm. Don't take these cases lightly.

Mail Fraud

Violation of 18 USC 1341 - intend to use mail for purpose of executing a crime

Computer Crimes

Possession of Child Pornography or Online Solicitation of Minors can turn Federal in a hurry.


Under 18 USC 1591, sex trafficking of children or adults by force carry serious repercussions.

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