Expunctions & Nondisclosures

Why Would I Want To Contact a Dallas Expunction Lawyer?

Expunctions and nondisclosures are procedures in which crimes that are on your record are erased or sealed and a top Dallas expunction lawyer can assist you through this process. Each process has specific eligibility rules and legal stipulations that make it necessary to contact an experienced nondisclosure lawyer for assistance. Gregg Gallian specializes in helping Texans clean up their criminal records through expunctions and nondisclosures. Gallian believes that no one should be treated unfairly because of their criminal record. Let Gallian help you get an expunction or nondisclosure and the second chance at a future that you deserve.

What are Expunctions and Nondisclosures?

Expunctions and nondisclosures are procedures that can potentially eliminate or hide criminal offenses from the public. An expunction means that all information, including the arrest, conviction, and circumstances surrounding your crime is erased. A nondisclosure means that the information about your crime will be sealed, making it inaccessible to the public. Government officials and law enforcement will still have access to this information, but you will no longer need to disclose it.

How Is Erasing or Sealing My Criminal Record Beneficial?

There are numerous personal and professional reasons why it is wise to have your criminal record erased or sealed. Potential Benefits include:

  • Employment Opportunities
  • Professional Licensing
  • Leasing/Rental Eligibility
  • Credit Reports
  • Insurance Rates
Most importantly, a “clean criminal record” will allow you the opportunity to move forward with your life without the concern of your charges in the public record.

Are All Offenses Eligible?

Whether or not your charges are eligible for an expunction or nondisclosure will depend on several factors, including your offenses, case status, and the type of probation program completed. To be eligible for a non disclosure you will need to have completed deferred probation or in some cases, currently be on probation..  It is best to contact Gallian Defense Firm for clear information and direction as to how to proceed and to determine whether your charge(s) may qualify for these procedures. To be eligible for an expunction your charges need to have been dismissed or found not guilty by a jury. There are certain offenses that are ineligible for nondisclosure even in the event that your charges were deferred.

Ineligible Offenses Include:

  • Murder
  • Injury to a Child, Disabled, Or Elderly Person
  • Aggravated Kidnapping
  • Stalking
  • Any Sexual Crime That Requires Database Registry
There is an exception to this rule. Those who complete the Veterans Reemployment Program may be eligible for a nondisclosure order, regardless of the crimes committed.

Other Exclusions

There are other situations that may bar your charges from being eligible for an expunction.

These include:

  • Failure to complete probation.
  • Applying before the waiting period has expired.
  • Previous conviction of ineligible crimes.
The only way to know if your charges are eligible is to reach out to a top-quality criminal defense attorney with significant experience like Gregg Gallian to discuss your case.

What If My Case Was Dismissed?

When the court dismisses your charges without a conviction this is known as deferred adjudication. This will stay on your record and appear in public and private background checks unless you contact an expungement attorney in Dallas like Gallian Defense Firm to help apply for an expunction or nondisclosure.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to File for An Expunction in Dallas?

A charge can be erased from your record if it meets one of the following criteria:
  • Your charges were dismissed.
  • You were acquitted.
  • Charges were not filed.
  • Class C misdemeanors that resulted in deferred adjudication.
There is a waiting period to file for an expunction regardless of the circumstances. This is known as the statute of limitations. The amount of time that must expire will depend on the severity of the charges. The minimum waiting period to file for the expunction of a felony charge is three years.

Expunction of a Felony Charge

You are required to wait a minimum of one year, in most cases two, to apply for the expunction of Class A and B misdemeanors. Class C misdemeanors only require 180 days for eligibility.  For more information on misdemeanors click here.

Expunction of a Midemeanor Charge

You are required to wait a minimum of one year, in most cases two, to apply for the expunction of Class A and B misdemeanors. Class C misdemeanors only require 180 days for eligibility.  For more information on misdemeanors click here.

Who Will Have Access to My Criminal Record After It Is Sealed?

There are still some agencies that will still be able to access your records even after a nondisclosure. Some of these organizations include:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Texas Youth Commission
  • Board of Education Certification
  • Fire Department
  • Safe Houses
  • Department of Family and Protective Services
This is only a matter of public safety laws and should not hinder your future opportunities. These agencies have the responsibility to keep your records private and cannot share them with the public.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer like Gallian Defense Firm Help Me?

As anyone who has been through the experience can tell you, expunctions and nondisclosures are confusing areas of law that require the assistance of an experienced Dallas expunction lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer like Gregg Gallian has thorough knowledge and understanding of expunctions and nondisclosure orders.

What are Recommended Steps To Pursue an Expunction or Nondisclosure of my Record?

  1. Contact a Dallas-based expunctions and non-disclosures attorney like Gregg Gallian.
  2. During your free evaluation, Gregg Gallian will collect all information about your case, including your arrest, charges, probation, and the status of these charges.
  3. Gregg Gallian will then determine whether your case qualifies for a nondisclosure order or a complete expunction.
  4. With your approval, Gallian Defense Firm will then proceed to handle all of the legal aspects of your case, including filing for the appropriate measure, and taking your case before the judge. As the client testimonials will show, Gregg Gallian is the best expunctions and non-disclosure lawyer to have by your side.  He will be the only advocate you will need and provide the best defense possible.
Gallian Defense Firm makes the process of having your charges erased or sealed far more likely. It is important that you choose a lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in these procedures.

Why Choose Gallian Law Firm in Dallas, TX?

Gregg Gallian is experienced and committed to helping his clients clean up their records by sealing and erasing their past criminal charges. Gallian is passionate about his work on behalf of his clients, and gets satisfaction from assisting in providing his clients with a fresh start and the chance to lead brighter futures. Dallas residents choose Gallian because of his personal, compassionate legal services that are motivated by his genuine care for his clients. He also possesses extensive legal experience and has had hundreds of cases dismissed in court.

Contact Gallian Firm in Dallas Today

Reach out today to learn more about having your charges removed or sealed from your criminal record. Gallian also provides services in other areas of state and federal criminal defense cases and is now accepting new clients. You can reach Gallian Firm at 214-432-8860 or set up an appointment online. Contact Gallian today for your free case evaluation.

Expunctions & Disclosures Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

An expunction is complete erasure of all files and records relating to an arrest or charge. A nondisclosure court order prohibiting public entities from disclosing certain criminal records. Easy. Call 214.432.8860 or click here. Every case is different and warrants its own analysis.  However, my prices are very reasonable for the services provided. I normally tell my clients to expect the process to last about 30-60 days depending on the County – some counties are more efficient than others.

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I worked with Gregg Gallian and had amazing results! I contacted a different lawyer at the beginning of my case and had no communication, effort and I even started to question whether I was forgotten about. I made the change and got with Mr. Gallian and he was quick and effective with making progress with my case! He was always professional, very communicative, knowledgeable in what he does and will get you good results! I highly recommend him and I know I'll be contacting his firm if I ever need to again.
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Gregg was an amazing lawyer. He and his team were incredibly professional from the start and Gregg was just as passionate about my issue as I was. He cared - which is something many lawyers don't do. He expedited resolution to my issue and sought to restore justice. I am eternally grateful for him and his colleagues. I had been fighting this issue for 6 months and within 2 weeks of hiring him, it was resolved. Highly recommend if you are in need of a lawyer.
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Thank you! Truly, the Gallian Firm, is the representation you want and need when hopeless situations arise! We worked directly with Gregg and he was a wonderful listener, discussed options, and stood by throughout the process…And well beyond! He was always available to help ease worries and answer questions. He has great patience and doesn’t give up! We are so grateful to have found Gregg and would recommend him to anyone! Thank you again!
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Greg Gallian came highly recommended by a nationally renowned attorney. In our stressful situation, he put our mind at ease and handled our situation with the utmost attention and diligence. Thank you, Greg for your expertise and professionalism. We are forever grateful for having you on our team!
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Thorough, respectful and communicative! We went with Mr. Gallian after having a lack luster lawyer. We immediately saw the difference in approach, he truly goes above and beyond, as well as the employees in the office. He got us the best possible outcome, something that wasn't even given as an option with our previous lawyer! I'd recommend his services to anyone. I can't thank him enough for his work.
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Mr. Gallian was upfront and professional in every interaction. He communicated his game plan effectively and set realistic expectations for us heading into court. We were very pleased with the outcome!

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