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Gregg Gallian

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Areas of Practice:

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Federal Criminal Defense

I've handled some of the most serious federal offenses throughout the Northern & Eastern District(s) of Texas. Experience matters.

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Sex Crimes

If you've been charged with any sex crime, call today. Trust Gallian Firm to fight early and fight often.


Assault Family Violence

An allegation alone can get you arrested. Even without your side of the story. Call today.



I've handled hundreds and hundreds of DWI cases. You can trust that I have the experience and knowledge to handle it right.


Expunctions & Nondisclosures

Do you have something on your record that you want erased? Click to see if I can help you.


More areas of practice...

If you've been arrested or are under investigation, Call today - 214.432.8860. Or, click to see more areas of practice.

Real Clients. Real Results.

Aside from the individual being accused, no one understands how stressful and traumatic a criminal charge or allegation can be more than Criminal Defense Lawyer, Gregg Gallian.  Worries about the future, your job, and what your friends and family may think all begin to race through your mind.  Immediately you start searching google for questions, it might even be how you ended up on my website.  My advice – stop doing that and schedule an appointment today. 

Google will find articles or maybe even websites for other law firms where the punishment, fines, and probation fees begin to feel like too much.  The stress will be overwhelming.  The best thing that you can do is find the best criminal defense attorney or lawyer that you trust and feel comfortable with.  Once that is done, the weight that will come off of your shoulders is overwhelming.  

My job, my law firm, and my passion are helping people, just like you, navigate the complexities of the State and Federal Criminal System.  Whether you have been charged with something as small as a DWI or as big as a Federal White Collar case, you can trust that I have the experience necessary to fight and win for you.  You need to focus on you. Let me handle the police, the detective, the prosecutor, and the judge. 

My practice and reputation have been built here – in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I have handled and tried some of the biggest cases across the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas. 

I Care

We care about each of our clients and fight for the best result, every time.


We understand that Clients want the best results, every time!

100% Criminal Defense

All we handle is State and Federal Criminal Defense!

Need a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney?

WHO are my clients?

Are you looking for a Criminal Lawyer? If you have been arrested, charged, or are under investigation for a state or federal offense and need a Dallas Criminal Attorney, Gallian Firm can help! 

WHAT type of cases do I handle?

My firm handles everything from DWI’s to Murder cases and everything in between.  If you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer, call Gallian Firm.   

WHERE are we located?

Our offices are located in Downtown Dallas, Texas.  However, we handle state cases all over North Texas and federal cases across the U.S.

WHEN? - The sooner, the better!

If you think you need a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney, odds are you do. Call Gallian Firm today.


When everything is on the line, you need the best Criminal Attorney in your corner.  You need a Dallas Criminal Lawyer you can trust.  Gallian Firm consists of Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney, Gregg Gallian, who only handles State and Federal criminal defense. 

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Dallas Criminal Defense Law Firm

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Worth and Dallas, here are some of the most common cases I see:

Federal Criminal Defense – federal cases require the best federal criminal defense lawyers at all times.  Most investigations by the federal authorities span years and the US Attorney has known about the case for months, at least.  Your attorney needs to jump on the case early and quick.  Waiting for something to happen is not an effective strategy in federal criminal defense cases. 

Assault Family Violence a conviction for family violence can have a domino effect, which impacts not just your peace of mind but also other areas.  Your right to own firearms will be impacted and if you are not a resident of Texas, your immigration status can suffer too. Make sure your criminal attorney Dallas can explain what is at stake and how to build a strong defense.

DWI/DUI being accused of this can have an overwhelming impact on your family as well as your professional life and your reputation. Without proper representation, you may end up facing heavy fines, loss of your license, and even jail time.  Thus, I advise you to not be alone on this path and hire the best Dallas criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

Sex Crimes – there is no worse offense to be accused of than a sex-based offense.  Whether it is sexual assault, indecent assault, or indecency with a child, the only way to be successful in these cases is to fight early, often, and relentlessly until the case is done.  You need a criminal lawyer in your corner as soon as you can afford it.  These cases do NOT just go away. 

Theft Cases – nothing is worse than the stigma associated with a theft charge or conviction.  It is important to make sure that your Dallas or Fort Worth Criminal Attorney knows how to handle these cases.  A theft conviction will follow you forever. Therefore, it is vital to have these charge handled by a qualified criminal lawyer in Dallas, Texas.

Here at Gallian Firm, I aim to answer all of your questions and worries in the first meeting.  You can use the form on this page and make an appointment.  Before you come in, write down all of your biggest questions, and let me answer them for you.

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From my Clients:

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"After being arrested, the number of concerns you have grow by the minute. Seek reassurance in my law firm. Choose the right criminal defense attorney, the first time."


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