The detective is not your friend, even though they act like it…

At Gallian Firm, I hear it all too often – someone coming into my office AFTER talking with the detective.  After they have been tricked.  After they have been interrogated for hours on end.  After I can do anything about it.  

If you think only guilty people confess, you’re wrong.  Detectives are masters at twisting words and getting you to make one tiny concession after another until you have fully confessed.  Their trick is to give you little assurances along the way:

“You can leave whenever you’d like.”

“No matter what you say, I’m not arresting you today.”

“Just tell me your side of the story.”

By employing this tactic, detectives lull you into a false sense of security.  Do not fall for it.  If you are being called by a detective to “come in and tell your side of the story”, call Gallian Firm immediately.  Whether you have nothing to hide or everything to hide, you need an attorney at your side before it is too late.  Like I mention in the Q&A Section – “if you think you need an attorney, get one.”

Here at Gallian Firm LLC, I aim to answer all of your questions and worries in the first meeting.  Use the form in this page and set up an appointment.  Before you come in, write down all of your biggest questions and let me answer them for you.   


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