Getting charged with a gun crime in Texas can be something you do not know how to handle. You may not even know what constitutes a gun crime in the state.


It is no secret that Texans love their guns, with about 36% of people in the state owning a gun. In total, there are about 29 million guns in Texas.


But what happens if you are involved in gun crimes? What if you are facing time and/or fines? Here is what you have to do.


Know Legal and Illegal Firearms


Texas, like most states, has weapons that you are legally allowed to carry and those that you are not.


Examples of weapons that you are allowed to carry on you include a shotgun and a rifle. Some examples of weapons that you are not allowed to carry on you include automatic machine guns and zip guns.


what if you are arrested for a gun crime?


Be aware of what you have the right to use and what you do not have the right to use before you get charged or have to defend yourself to the authorities.


Know Where You Can Carry


Another thing that you have to consider is where you are carrying a gun. Some places are going to have more rights than others for where you can carry a weapon, but most of the time, private businesses can make their own rules.


The main places where you have the right to carry a gun are in your own home or in your own vehicle. Places where you have less justification for carrying a gun, include a church, school, amusement park, sports stadium, or any other large public gathering space.


You need to be aware of the laws on this because depending on where you are; you can get charged for having it in one location but not the other.


Discharging and Other Crimes


Merely carrying a gun and actually firing it are completely separate charges in Texas. When you discharge your weapon in a public place, you are most likely looking at a Class B misdemeanor.


However, the stakes raise when you are in city limits such as Dallas or any other city that has over 100,000 people in it. If that happens, the charge moves up to a Class A misdemeanor.


To state the obvious, you can also be charged much more severely if you use a gun to commit a violent crime. If you get caught with a gun in that situation, you will likely look at a much longer jail sentence.


Contact Gallian Defense Firm if You Are Charged With a Gun Crime


If you are charged with a gun crime, the first thing that you should do is to get in touch with a lawyer. You need a professional by your side that can provide you with legal counsel and get you the lightest sentence possible.  What if you get a call from a detective related to a gun crime?  Gallian will help walk you through each step you will need to know to protect your rights. 


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