Are You Looking for the Best Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer to Consult with About Your Case?


The State of Texas presents harsh penalties for any crimes committed in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.  Choosing the best Dallas criminal defense lawyer is the first step to avoiding jail times and protecting your reputation. 


Which lawyer that you choose to represent you in the courtroom will have a direct affect on the outcome of your criminal case.  With this reality in mind, it is essential that you do your due diligence and choose the best lawyer for your case. Many Dallas criminal defense lawyers offer a free consultation in which you are speaking with a junior associate or someone who has no idea about how to defend you.


When you contact Gregg Gallian, rest assured that when you contact Gallian Defense Firm you will be dealing with the firm’s owner and an attorney with years of experience defending and reaching successful conclusions for cases just like yours.


Research Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys


The first step to securing the help of the right criminal defense lawyer is to research legal professionals in your area. A quick search for ‘criminal defense attorneys near me’ should pull up a list of potential criminal lawyers. But how do you choose the right one?

Research potential criminal lawyers by reviewing their core websites. Qualified lawyers should have testimonials and reviews available from past clients. Educational achievements, areas of practice, and years of experience should also be easy to find.  They may provide detailed legal and other background on the charges or area of the law in which your case falls. 


In the case of Gregg Gallian, no case is too big and no case is too small, we are here to defend you. Some of our areas of practice include:

the Best Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Previous client relationships are a key resource. Look for other sources of reviews, including search engines or word-of-mouth, to compare client satisfaction rates.  At the time of this writing, our firm has received all 5 star reviews, representing hundreds of lives of individuals and families positively impacted by our fighting for our clients. 




Never hire a generic lawyer, or one that claims to handle all sorts of legal cases. Criminal defense law is a broad area of practice that requires extensive knowledge and experience to handle. Ensure the criminal defense lawyer that you choose has experience in the unique type of criminal allegations that you are facing.




Beating serious charges requires a lawyer who is experienced in the courtroom and not afraid to handle cases in state or federal court. A good attorney will proudly reveal case dismissal rates, how many times they have gone to trial, and the outcomes for these instances.


This experience in the courtroom is a crucial factor in choosing the right criminal defense lawyer who can secure your case.


Schedule a Free Criminal Defense Consultation


Scheduling a consultation is the next step in securing solid legal representation. A good criminal defense lawyer should not charge you fees for this meeting. During the consultation, access how invested the lawyer appears to be in your case and do not be afraid to ask questions.


Ask questions that are specifically related to the criminal allegations that you are facing. It is imperative that your criminal defense lawyer has experience in handling these types of cases. The lawyer should openly communicate, answer questions, and provide honest expectations regarding potential outcomes in your defense case.


Do not feel obligated to hire an attorney who is not competent to handle your unique case, is inexperienced, or displays any other form of inadequate behavior.


Signs of a Bad Criminal Defense Lawyer


It is important to choose a criminal attorney who is fully invested and wants the best outcome for your defense case.


There are several signs that a criminal defense lawyer does not possess the qualifications, experience, or professional aptitude to properly handle your case.


Signs of a Poor Criminal Defense Attorney Include:

  • Lack of Experience
  • Fails to Communicate (Calls, Texts, Email)
  • Forgets Meetings and/or Runs Late
  • Questionable Behavior
  • Avoids Answering Questions

Building a solid criminal defense case requires an individual to be comfortable with their criminal defense lawyer. This legal professional will be handling one of the most potential serious events of your life.


A Dallas criminal defense attorney may prove incompetency before meeting in-person, during the legal consultation, or even after being hired. You should seek the representation of a different criminal attorney if at any point you feel that this individual does not have your best interest in mind. Many people do not realize that they have not chosen the right criminal defense lawyer until after agreeing to hire them.


Call or Email For a Free Consultation with the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas, Texas


Remember that it is never too late to correct this mistake and choose the right criminal defense lawyer for your case.


Gregg Gallian is a criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas who is committed to helping his clients beat serious criminal charges. Gallian works hard to build a solid defense case, fights diligently, and keeps his clients informed throughout every step of the legal process.


Choose Gallian Defense Firm and let an experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney handle your case. Reach out today for a free case review or click here to schedule a consultation.