Being arrested for a DUI is a frustrating and fearful experience, but there are several things that you can do to protect your legal rights and prevent serious repercussions.  In Dallas, TX, and throughout the state, law enforcement officers are notorious for making arrests based on assumptions, or clues of impaired driving. The following explores the Texas arrest procedures what to do if arrested for a DUI.


Making wise decisions can help you avoid potentially harsh, life-altering penalties, including loss of driver’s licensing, jail time, and fines.


Dallas Arrest Procedure for a DUI


Arrest Procedure for a DUI

The arrest procedure for a DUI is similar to other criminal allegations with the addition of potential sobriety tests. It is important to comply, willingly pull over, and provide licensing and insurance information at the officer’s request.


Officers in Texas often arrest individuals without the evidence of breath or blood testing. These instances are based solely on law enforcement claims that there are clues that may hint that the driver is operating a motor vehicle while impaired.


If you are arrested on a DUI, police officers will transport you to a local jail for processing. After processing you will likely have pretrial at which time the judge will set a bail for your release.


Reach out for legal representation after you are released on bail. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner they can begin building your case.  


Know Your Rights if Arrested on a DUI


It is important to know and implement your rights during any arrest procedure including being arrested on a DUI. This is a potentially critical element for building a successful legal defense case in the future.


Remain Calm and Compliant


Being arrested is a high-stress situation, especially if you are under the influence. Acting erratically during the arrest procedure will only hurt your legal defense case. Non-compliance could result in additional charges, including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, or and/assault. Try to remember the importance of remaining calm.


Remain Silent


Do not allow the police to pressure you into answering any questions. You do not have to speak with law enforcement, answer any questions during the arrest, processing, or any potential interrogation. Utilize your right to remain silent and seek the counsel and a Dallas DUI attorney before speaking with officers.


Seek Legal Representation


Seek the help of a criminal defense attorney who can help you build a solid defense and beat these allegations. There are several defense methods that can be utilized and successful, even if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A good Dallas DUI attorney can potentially have these charges lessened or even dismissed in court.


Find a Dallas DWI Lawyer


Penalties for a DWI or DUI in Texas

Immediately begin your search for an experienced DWI attorney in your area. Search for DWI attorney near me to review potential legal professionals. Research each potential attorney’s website to assess whether or not they have experience representing DWI cases.


A competent attorney will proudly reveal their case success rates, including dismissals, and client satisfaction data. Reviews and testimonials will reveal how the attorney interacts with their clients and secure successful outcomes.


General practice attorneys do not have knowledge or skills to build solid defenses in these types of cases. It is important for that you choose a lawyer who focuses in criminal defense, more specifically DWI charges. This decision is a significant factor in the outcome of your criminal charges.


Schedule a DUI Consultation


Schedule an appointment with an experienced DWI lawyer to discuss all of the elements involved in your case. Be sure to bring any information regarding your criminal allegations, including arrest drugs, tox screenings, and/or other related information to this meeting.


Be honest with your DWI defense lawyer about your case. Remember that your attorney wants to help you beat these charges and requires full disclosure to build a solid defense.


Gallian Defense Firm


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