Arrested? Do this first…

It does not matter why you were arrested.  Once it happens, your mind naturally begins to think worst-case scenario.  The immediate reaction is to start searching every page of google.  That might even be why you found my Firm.  However, your first step needs to be finding and hiring the right lawyer.  A good lawyer will know how to explain the situation you are in.  A great lawyer will be able to put your mind and worries at ease.  

At Gallian Firm LLC, I want my clients to push their concerns and worries onto my shoulders.  That is, after-all, my job.  Set up an appointment, and before you come in, write down all of your biggest questions, and let me answer them for you.  

Whether you have been arrested for a state or federal offense, misdemeanor or felony offense, you can rest assured knowing that Gallian Firm LLC has handled your type of case before.  

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