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About the Firm

Criminal defense is a humbling practice: people trust you with their life and with their freedom. The realization of a criminal charge is nerve-wracking for anyone. It’s earth-shattering for those who are falsely accused.  Gallian Firm understands that. 

At Gallian Firm, I stand behind you when no one else will. I give you a voice when the government tries to take it away.  I fight for you every step of the way.  You come to me at your lowest point and it’s my job to pick up the pieces and put your life back to normal.

Your case won’t just be another number at Gallian Firm. It will become part of my story. I will know every intricate detail of your case through my work, my investigator’s work, and with your assistance. As my client, you will always have open lines of communication with the attorney so that you are as comfortable as possible and never feel abandoned or alone.  Gallian Firm strives to be different – clients come first.  Please, come in, tell me your story, and trust me to give you the best possible outcome.

Gallian Firm was started with one mission in mind: fighting for you.  

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Areas of Practice:

Federal Criminal Defense

I've handled some of the most serious federal offenses throughout the Northern & Eastern District(s) of Texas. Experience matters.

Canva Polygraph Lie detector test

Sex Crimes

If you've been charged with any sex crime, call today. Trust Gallian Firm to fight early and fight often.


Felony and Misdemeanor Assault

An allegation alone can get you arrested. Even without your side of the story. Call today.



I've handled hundreds and hundreds of DWI cases. You can trust that I have the experience and knowledge to handle it right.


Expunctions & Nondisclosures

Do you have something on your record that you want deleted? Click to see if I can help you.


More areas of practice...

If you've been arrested or are under investigation, Call today - 214.433.6303. Or, click to see more areas of practice.

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